Are There Risks With Using Portable Steam Saunas? – portable sauna steam


Are There Risks With Using Portable Steam Saunas?

Lily FOX

April 1,2020

Portable Steam Sauna vs. Steam Room: All You Need to Know

Anyone who wants to enjoy the feeling and benefit from steam therapy in private may consider getting themselves a portable steam sauna. The portable sauna will bring you many health benefits, just like full-size saunas. Ideally, it helps in improving circulation and enhancing cardiovascular activity. All these are made possible through heat therapy and sweating, which in turn dilates blood vessels. 

Many people love being in steam rooms or portable sauna, but do they both bear the same returns on your health and general wellbeing? Is one superior? How do you choose whether to use a portable home sauna or a steam bath? Let us examine the details.

What is a Portable Steam Sauna?

A portable sauna creates a relaxing environment by producing heat, which causes sweating. Ideally, it has a portable sauna steamer which requires little time to get filled with steam. Some portable home saunas have a foldable chair, providing you with the convenience you need.

It is well documented that having portable sauna steam at home sessions can aid your stress management, improve your health, and work on your general wellness. Some of the health benefits of sitting in a sauna tent include:

1. Lowering Your Blood Pressure

Although getting a portable steam bath can help to lower your blood pressure. However, it may be risky for a person with uncontrolled blood pressure to sit in a portable steam room. Typically, a daily or bi-weekly portable steam bath session will eventually lower your body pressure.

The good thing is that you will record improved cardiovascular activity. The portable sauna works like exercising, where the blood pressure initially rises, but the improved cardiovascular activity will lead to better blood pressure management, lowering it significantly. It helps to protect you against stroke, dementia, or heart attack.

2. Relieves Soreness and Stiffness in Muscles

For anyone who engages in vigorous activity and exercises, a sauna can help in recovery after workout sessions. With the heat from a portable steam bath, your muscles become more elastic and pliable. The result is that it will help in relieving muscle soreness from the workout.

Additionally, people with muscle pains, stiff joints, and body aches can find relief using portable steam saunas. A study in 2015 showed that using a home steam sauna can help relieve tension-type headaches because it reduces muscle soreness.

3. Improves Blood Circulation

Sitting in a portable sauna tent means that your body temperature will increase, thereby increasing your heart rate. The increased heart rate will, in turn, increase your circulation. It is the equivalent of walking on a regular-paced treadmill.

The other thing to remember is that yiur blood vessels dilate. The increased heartbeat coupled with blood vessel dilation means that blood will flow freely to your body organs and tissues. Thus, it improves the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the blood vessels. Depleted blood cells are also carried back from the muscles for replenishment.

4. Reducing Stress

Getting a portable steam bath heats your body. The heat causes your body to release endorphins and various other 'feel-good' hormones that work to relieve stress. The stress relief makes you rejuvenated and ready for any other activity involving mental and physical effort.

As part of the Scandinavian culture, people use sauna tents frequently. It works to improve their mood and reduce stress. The culture has myriad health benefits as it reduces the risk of Alzheimer's or dementia. It is all due to the relaxation factor of using a portable sauna, reducing stress, and improving one's mood.

5. It Benefits Your Skin

Frequently using a portable steam room can help improve the overall health of your skin. The portable steam bath heats your body, increasing the heart rate and dilating blood capillaries. The result is improved blood flow to all parts of the body, including your skin.

With improved blood flow, the skin gets enough oxygen and nutrients. You will then have healthy skin that glows. The skin also becomes firm, more elastic, and improves your appearance, giving you esthetic and health benefits.

6. Boosts Your Immune System

Although a portable steam sauna contributes to stronger immunity, it does not boost the immunity directly. Ideally, getting a portable steam bath frequently contributes to the reduction of stress. The stress relief results from the relaxation factor of sitting in a portable steam room.

Stress has been known to destroy people's immunity. Reducing stress results in stronger immunity. Additionally, studies have shown that continued use of sauna tents can help reduce incidences of contracting the common cold. That means your body gets better at fighting viruses when it gets exposed to them.

7. Removing Toxins from the Body

When you take a portable sauna steam bath, your body will sweat. Sweating relieves the body of toxins and waste products. Experts estimate that spending 20 minutes in a portable steam room can help you get rid of a day's sweat, getting rid of waste products.

Additionally, a portable sauna can aid in weight loss. Someone who wants to get rid of water weight can find a home steam sauna beneficial. However, do not use it as a method to replace exercise and a proper diet. You can use a portable steam sauna together with the two.

How Does The Portable Steam Bath Compare to a Steam Room?

To compare a steam room against a portable steam sauna, we will focus on the heat and humidity. Typically, a steam room is more humid compared to a portable steam bath. Steam rooms have nearly 100 per cent humidity and usually get heated to temperatures between 100°F and 120°F. On the other hand, a portable steam sauna gets heat to higher temperatures – between 180°F and 195°F.

How Do the Health Benefits of Steam Rooms Compare to those of Portable Sauna?

Generally, steam rooms and portable saunas both use heat for therapy. The effects of heat are the same, meaning that the health benefits are similar. Therefore, you benefit from improved cardiovascular activity, relaxed muscles and joints, and the release of toxins from the body through sweating.

Both the portable sauna and steam room will lead to weight loss, but remember that any weight you lose is water weight due to sweating.

Steam rooms, however, provide you with some extra health benefits if you suffer from asthma or allergies. Because asthma and allergy medications can make your breathing passages dry, the humidity available in steam rooms can moisturize and open your lungs. It also helps to hydrate your respiratory tract. The steam is also beneficial to someone struggling with congestion as it can help clear your nasal passages, clearing any sinuses.

What to Wear in Portable Steam Sauna or Steam Room

Generally, what determines what to wear is whether you are at home or using a public steam room. Public steam rooms will have many people wearing clothes, and you can go with natural fabrics like a loose-fitting cotton shirt. In shared steam rooms, you will see many people covering themselves with a towel. Even if the shared steam room allows for nudity, the best thing to do is have a towel because there is the risk of germs.

Having your own sauna tent will be more convenient because you can get in naked. Portable saunas for home use are readily available for sale, and you can check at the local store or online. Searching online for the best portable sauna or portable sauna for sale can lead you to where you can get a good portable home sauna.

Duration to Spend in the Portable Steam Sauna or Steam Room

The time people spend in the steam room, or portable home sauna varies, but most people spend between five to 30 minutes. Generally, the most time you can spend depends on the heat the portable sauna or steam roo generates and how used you are to the conditions.

If you engage in a vigorous exercise that leads to sweating, then get into the portable steam sauna immediately, do not spend a long time in it. You may stay longer if you are well hydrated. The best thing to do is to have frequent breaks to get out of the portable steam room and drink some water.

People who spend time in the steam room or portable sauna several times a week reap more benefits. However, if you are just beginning, be slow until you fully get acclimatized. You can start by taking a not more than ten minutes portable steam bath per week to see how well your body can handle it. You can increase the frequency and duration spent gradually.

Are There Risks With Using Portable Sauna Steam?

The portable steam sauna works like any other full-sized sauna, and you can safely use it at home. It is easy to install and will only take you a few minutes to assemble. You will have to pre-heat it first before using it.

The good thing with a portable home sauna is that it has armholes and a head collar, which will provide you with comfort as you get soaked up in the heat. Remember to drink water because the entire process involves sweating😉.


The health benefits you derive from using a portable steam bath are not different from those you will get from using a steam room. The good thing with a portable home sauna is the portability. It does not occupy too much space, meaning you can carry it along as you travel. It also gives you convenience because you can use it any time, and you can enter while naked because you do not have to worry about germs.