Does Portable Sauna Make You Lose Weight? – portable sauna steam


Does Portable Sauna Make You Lose Weight?

Lily FOX

APRil 2,2020

Can you actually lose weight with a portable sauna steam?

The sauna, whether at the pool or directly installed at home, represents a moment of relaxation and intense relaxation. But did you know that beyond the beneficial effects against stress, the sauna was also very useful as part of a slimming diet?

The sauna originates from Finland and remains present in several cultures around the world today. This heat bath (based on dry steam) is also a method of losing weight. While it is undoubtedly useful for therapeutic uses (such as stress relief) and for removing toxins from the body, its weight loss benefits are widely known among professionals.

First, let's get into more detail about what a portable steam sauna does. Although relaxation was initially seen as the sole benefit of the heat bath and sweating at high temperatures is known to work to detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system by eliciting an anti-fever response in the body.

The slimming virtues of the sauna

Known for its beneficial effects on the body, the portable sauna tent has become a very common practice over the past few years. Because in addition to completely relaxing the body, it is used for therapeutic purposes in cases of stress and water retention. Many studies have shown its curative effect on people with different diseases. 

But the benefits of the sauna do not stop there and it is now proven that doing sauna sessions once or twice a week helps eliminate toxins. The sauna would also have slimming virtues according to some researchers. The high temperatures used in the sauna indeed cause sweating, and at the same time the elimination of excess water from our body.

The slimming principle of the sauna

With the portable sauna steam slimming method, it is important to take all preparation before starting. For some researchers, sweating helps evacuate excess salt in our body, and at the same time reduces our body's need for water. 

On the other hand, one thing is certain, it is that the sauna allows you to burn a fairly large amount of calories! Be wary of dehydration all the same... The slimming principle of the sauna is therefore based on a combination of healthy food + sports practice. Add to that one or two sauna sessions and you have the optimal conditions for losing weight quickly.

How to optimize your sauna sessions

If the sauna by itself does not allow you to lose weight without dehydration, it can be used in addition to a balanced diet and regular sports practice. For example: after work, go for a 30-minute run, and finish your workout with a portable sauna, which will not only eliminate toxins but also relax your muscles by burning calories. 

The combination of sport, healthy food, and sauna will allow you to lose weight in a short time and in excellent conditions. If the sauna regime does not exist, it remains an excellent supplement to refine a silhouette while avoiding water retention as much as possible... And don't forget, for a personal sauna session to be effective, it should definitely not exceed 30 minutes.

Combine sauna and sports activity

As we said previously, to hope to lose weight, there are not 36 solutions. Reducing daily caloric intake or increasing spending related to the sporting activity are the only ways to lose weight.

If you are determined to refine your figure, why not combine sports and sauna? After a good workout, go to the sauna to relax. Indeed, the heat multiplies the benefits after a sports activity:

1. Helps reduce muscle pain that occurs during training,

2. Help the muscles to recover better for the next sessions

3. Promotes the elimination of toxins.

The portable sauna allows you to eliminate salt and store less water

During a sauna session, another phenomenon is observed which has been demonstrated by numerous studies: sweating and therefore the loss of water induced by heat, also lead to a significant loss of salt. 

We know that salt stores the water contained in the body, but when this water is stored by the body in too large a quantity, you can swell especially in the stomach, thighs, buttocks, and legs. Thus, the loss of salt caused by heat and perspiration will allow you to refine your figure.

The sauna essentially makes you lose water

Many people claim to observe surprising results after a sauna session, being able to lose up to 2 kilos in just a few tens of minutes spent in this dry steam bath. This is indeed the case: you will also observe a more or less significant weight loss after a passage in the sauna. But remember that this weight loss is also related to the loss of water induced by sweating. So you will take all the weight you lost by rehydrating yourself, which is imperative: the first thing you need to do coming out of the sauna, is to drink lots of water, and only water.

If we look further, various experts say that between 300 and 500 calories can be burned in a 20 to 30-minute session, which is far from a negligible amount. Athletes who do various sports like boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, karate, etc. sometimes need to lose weight to be able to fit into a certain weight category.

Also, a heat bath can be a great addition to your exercise program. Sitting in a portable sauna before playing sports helps warm up your muscles, which helps increase their performance and lower your risk of sports-related injury. However, you should remember to hydrate yourself during the sauna session that precedes the physical workout (by drinking something before, during, and after your bath session).

Have you ever tried the portable sauna with steam for weight loss? What do you think of using the personal sauna tent for weight loss?